Post Graduate Diploma In Management ( Agri. Business)


About Programme

  • URICM, Gandhinagar has been conducting the two years Post Graduate Diploma in  Management -Agri business (PGDM-ABM)since 2008.The centre is focused on fabricating young minds coming from different academic background and with diverse skills to complete within the competitive corporate world.
  • Students are facilitated with an assortment of technical skills and professional management to understand the socio-culture system and emerge as leaders in their fields. They are exposed to the contemporary developments in the economy and industry through hands-on skill acquisition through case studies, research articles, exercises and other related publications.
  • They are facilitated to develop-
  1. Required conceptual base in the different subjects in the areas of Agri. Business Management.
  2. Acquire the relevant skill in using modern management tools and techniques.
  3. Develop application of skills with appropriate management techniques in the context of Agri-Business.
  • The PGDM (ABM) is an approved course by the ALL INDIA COUNCIL OF TECHNICAL EDUCATION (AICTE)- New Delhi. The programme comprises of two segments, viz. Classrooms lectures and practical exposure through Summer Internship, Observation Study tours and Project work. This unremitting assessment enables the students to implement corrective measures at the right time and meet the standard of performance prescribed by PGDM committee.
  • The programme is designed with classroom teaching component, integrating case method pedagogy. 36 credits have to be completed in six terms. 24 credits of subjects are offered in core management areas and 12 credits for specialization subjects, 2 credit courses are devoted for project course to equip students to take challenging course in Agri-Business sector.
  • In addition, the Institute provides soft skills training and an online MS-Office certification course.  


  • URICM PGDM (ABM) took part in Business Plan Presentation Competition during Management fest conducted by the VAMNICOM-SPARDHA 2015.ICE-MAKE REFRIGERATION PVT.LTD.Rewarded our students for active participation in sales activity during “KHADYA KHAURAK” exhibition held in Ahmedabad.
  • The student have participated in Amaethon 2015 at Indian institute of management (IIM) Ahmedabad.
  1. Supply chain and Logistic Management Workshop
  2.  Rural Marketing Workshop
  3.  Agri. Entrepreneurship Workshop
  •  As an assignment of rural marketing subject, the student have created Documentary film to understand rural activity of India.