Media cell the heart of URICM. It is responsible for all PR activities of the college. It caters to the three majors domains of the institute including Campus Corporate Relationship, Website and Social media Page Management.


The Cultural Committee of URICM strives to celebrate the cultural diversity on the campus by celebrating various festivals and events. The committee provides enough opportunities for the students to relax and enjoy campus life amidst rigorous academics.


Academic committee is an integral part of the PGDMABM, working hand in hand with the administration. It plays a key role in the smooth functioning of classes, examinations, other activities like setting up the curriculum, training and preparedness of the batch for GDs and Interviews.


A well-nourished, healthy workforce is a precondition for sustainable development Nutrition plays a critical role in human resource development since deficiencies in essential nutrients lead to malnutrition, which affects an individual's mental and physical state, resulting in poor health and poor work performance. Our health and nutrition club continuously monitors the food quality for the healthy lifestyle of the students.


To prevent any physical or mental torture or any disorderly conduct towards any student causing apprehension, dread, humiliation, or agitation in him or her. To maintain a ragging free campus. To create awareness about ragging & ensure a student-friendly environment at all times.


Alumni Committee organizes alumni meet to facilitate the reunion of the alumni. Alumni from all the batches across all programmes come together to bond with the institute and relive their old memories.


The Sports Committee encourages students to participate and organize sports event, giving a platform to students to showcase their sporty spirit. The club tries to engage students with fields by organizing coaching camps on different sports like Cricket, Volleyball, football, Kabaddi and Table tennis. The committee tries to build up qualities like teamwork, sportsmanship, etc.


The Finance & Investments Committee is a student run initiative for the various programs, where students invest some amount of money for organizing followings: Workshops for summers prep Online & offline internal contests Selections for external competitions Opportunity to invest Seminars /conferences Workshops for placement preparedness


The Placement Cell of URICM Gandhinagar handles campus placement of the PGDM-ABM students. The Placement Cell provides complete support to the vising companies at every stage of placement process. Arrangements for Pre- Placement Talks, Written Tests, Interviews and Group Discussions are made as per the requirement of the vising companies. The committee works on three pillars integrity, Responsibility and Discipline